A Cure For the Winter Blues: The Perfect Staycation


This is about the time of year when winter feels like it's taking FOR.EV.ER., and all I want to do is get on a plane and go somewhere fun! We are saving money (and PTO ;)) for a few trips later this year so we won't be hopping on a plane anytime soon.  BUT I found the perfect cure to feel like you're having a luxurious/adventurous vacation right in your own city- a staycation!

We had the absolute honor of staying at the most beautiful, historic home in the Plaza District in Oklahoma City this past weekend, and I'm already ready to go back! Chad and Macy were a complete dream as hosts and had everything set up for us to perfection.  They had great recommendations for places to eat and things to do in the Plaza (there are so many fun places!), and they EVEN set up the sweetest play area for my niece and nephew who accompanied us! They pampered us so much and gave us a great opportunity to explore a side of the city we don't spend much time in so it felt like a true vacation! 


First, can we talk about this INCREDIBLE home for a second? This home is over 100 years old with beautiful refinished wood floors and is recently renovated with the sweetest touches.  There are 3 large bedrooms on the second floor and a large room on the 3rd floor that also holds 4 beds so this place can sleep up to 10 people comfortably. All three floors are wonderfully spacious- it's the perfect place for families!  

Now let's talk about our weekend itinerary.

Step 1: Invite my sister, brother, and their kiddos to join us because anything they are a part of literally quadruples the fun. :) 


Step 2: Settle in to the place, run around every room screaming "Omggg it's soo beautiful!" then walk a few blocks to pick up the hugest pizza known to man at Empire Slice House


Step 3: Eat until we are all actually a little sick.  Writhe on the couch a few hours.  Then begin our favorite activity- board games!! 

I guess this must have been my "listen very intently while my brother in law describes the rules" face :/ Hahaa!! 

I guess this must have been my "listen very intently while my brother in law describes the rules" face :/ Hahaa!! 

Step 4: Change into our jammies and read in bed a while before falling asleep in the most comfortable King-sized bed! 


Step 5: Wake up super early because little kids don't care when you went to sleep. ;) Then COFFEE (and donuts for the babes).


Step 6: Head to brunch at Aurora (the cutest/yummiest place) and do some local art gazing/shopping while we wait for a table! 


It  was the most special weekend to spend with some of my favorite people, and I simply can't recommend Chad and Macy's place enough! They have a few other spots in OKC as well that I know are equally as amazing.  Give them a look for the perfect little weekend getaway and check out their instagram @oneokstay to see more peeks of each of their places! 

You can also shop the details of all of my outfits (including those gorgeous pajamas) from this weekend here: 

Cody Rains