21 Super Affordable Gifts for Your Galentines

So I've given you some ideas for what to get your guys for Valentine's Day last week, but my favorite part of Valentine's Day is actually NOT the romantic dates and gift exchanges with your sweetheart. It's your GALENTINES! 

Whether you're single or not, I think what makes Valentine's Day so special and fun is spending a little time to let your favorite girls know just how much you love them and are grateful for their friendship.  I was single for 25 Valentine's Days before meeting my husband and used to feel bitter about it when I was younger.  Then, I decided to be proactive and proclaim that Valentine's Day is NOT just for lovers but is for everyone you love! I started putting together little gifts and cards for my mom, my sister, and my besties, and it instantly made the day so much more special!  I know, I know, Christmas just happened a few months ago so we're not talking about big, expensive, complicated gifts- just small, affordable gestures to let someone know they're thought about on the day of love.

If you aren't feeling super "loved" this year, I encourage you to decide to be the one who spreads the love instead and see if it doesn't make Valentine's Day one of your new favorite holidays too! 

Let's see what I picked out for our fabulous friends:



1. Eat Pretty Every Day Book- This is a cookbook that functions like a self-love devotional with daily affirmations alongside recipes and healthy tips. Plus, the cover is gorgeous!

2.Philosophy Shower Gel- I haven't used this stuff in SO LONG, but I once got it as a gift and still remember how much I loved it! It's something people may not "splurge" (it's $18 as opposed to my $3 dove soap ;)) on on their own so it makes the perfect gift. 

3. Galentine's Cards- If you do absolutely nothing else, I urge you to purchase these cute cards and hand them out to your friends this Valentine's Day.  They will love that you thought of them! :) 

4. Valentine's Mugs + Cocoa- These are just too fun. The mugs are adorable, and they come with their own cocoa mixes! 

5. Hey Pretty Lady Mug- I think coffee mugs, water bottles, travel mugs, etc might be my favorite gifts.  Everyone loves them/can use them, and they're always affordable. 

6. Beauty Counter Lip Sheer- This one is a bit pricier at $30, but I recently tried this lipstick out, and it's INCREDIBLE.  Beauty Counter offers all-natural ingredients in all of their products so I believe it's definitely worth the $! 

7. Hello Beautiful Throw Pillow- This is just too cute!

8. Heart Shaped Skillet + Cookie Mix- This is such a sweet and thoughtful gift any lady would love- especially if they have children that can help them bake/eat the treats! Plus, it's already wrapped with a bow so it's ready to be handed out! :)

9. Truffle Bath Bombs- Starting taking baths again last year for the first time since childhood, and they kind of changed my life- haha! I feel like I'm really living a life of luxury when I can step into a bath with a yummy-smelling bath bomb at the end of a long day. 

10. Happiness Planner- The sweetest and cutest planner for your go-getter besties. 

11. Pearl Hair Ties- This one also falls into that category of making a great gift because it's something most women would enjoy having but few would actually buy themselves. 

12. Capri Blue Candle- Has this candle been on every gift guide I've ever done? Maybe. Do I care? Nope. It's that good!

13. Jewelry Dish- Could this be any more perfect for Valentine's Day? And what a great reminder for our people every time they take their jewelry off before bed and put it on in the morning that they are so loved! 

14. Succulent Plant- This one's my favorite! Who needs men to buy us flowers when we can buy each other adorable succulents?! ;) 

15. Basic Colors Nail Polish Collection- The colors that come in this collection are exactly what I would have hand-picked. Perfection!

16. Phone Case- I love this unique gift idea, and I would love getting one as well!

17. Makeup Pouch- My current make-up pouch was given as a gift and has been used for about 2 years now... It's certainly not clean anymore. :/ I will venture to guess that other women may have a similar problem which is why this makes for the perfect gift! 

18. Soup Mug- Like a cute coffee mug gift only better/more original. ;) I actually got my best friend one of these for Christmas!

19. Sunglasses- Who wouldn't smile about receiving a cute new pair of sunnies? 

20. Pearl Necklace- My mom got me one of these for Valentine's about 4 years ago, and I still wear it almost daily!

21. Dessert Cookbook- You could buy your friends one of these and then make something out of it together for a fun Galentine's party! 


I had so much fun putting this gift guide together and truly believe in the power of actively loving those around us, and I think there's no better time than Valentine's Day to show someone what they mean to you. :) I would love to hear feedback if you try this with your friends and family this year! 

Cody Rains