January Favorites

Well, it's the end of the month, and I thought I would try something new where I tell you about a few of my favorite products from this month! I had a lot of fun creating this one so I hope you enjoy! 


1. Circle Bag- I spent some Christmas money on this one and haven't regretted it one bit! I've carried it every day this month and love that it goes with everything! It has a detachable strap as well and also comes in a nude color. 

2. Kroma Phone Case- My very favorite pick of the month! This case gave my phone a much-needed makeover and made me feel like I have a whole new phone. :) This company is fantastic because their cases are BPA-free which mean they are safe if they happen to be chewed on by any little ones who looove looking at phones, like my niece.  They also have changeable back plates so I was able to order 3 different backplates to switch out with the seasons.  They are great quality and have held up nicely to the multiple times per day I accidentally drop my phone. 

3. The Glass Castle- This is actually not just a January favorite but an all-time favorite book of mine which I recently re-read since the movie came out.  It's a fascinating true story, and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven't already! 

4. Essie Nail Polish- Essie is my favorite nail polish brand.  It lasts for at least a week typically and is affordable.  The coral/red color pictured here is called Geranium and the tan color is called Wild Nude.  They have both been on repeat this month. 

5. Classic Red Lipstick- Ladies, February is the month to try out a hot-red lip if you've been intimidated in the past! I always feel like no matter what I'm wearing, if I put some red lipstick on, I'm confident and ready to handle life! ;) MAC is my favorite lipstick brand because it is smooth and long-lasting. 

6. Gray Fringe Scarf- I have worn this scarf at least once a week all month. I'm as ready for Spring as the next girl but know we have a lot of winter left to go- you need this scarf to help make it more bearable! 

7. Sunglasses- Not surprisingly, I always buy my sunglasses from LOFT.  They are good quality and are affordable so I don't have cry when I inevitably lose them after about a week. ;) 

8. Soap Roses- You thought those were just flowers, didn't ya?! I actually found these at target (only in-stores) and couldn't resist, but I found a similar link if you wanted to get a full "bouquet." 

January was wild and adventurous and full of great finds! I hope for more of the same in February! :) 

Cody Rains