20+ Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Guy

It's almost February which means it's almost time for my FAVORITE holiday!! Let me be clear- I was single for 25 of my 27 Valentine's Days, and yes, it was still my favorite holiday.  Anything that gives me an extra excuse to tell/show my loved ones I love them (and also wear hot pink ;)) is a super win in my book! 

I will also be sharing some tips for my single ladies on how to make your Valentine's Day special, but first, I wanted to give you all a gift guide for those wonderful men in your lives! My husband SURPRISED me with my perfect dream wedding last year (yes you read that right) which was the most romantic thing in the world so... pressure's on to deliver a great Valentine's Day gift right?! :/ 

I spent a lot of time compiling this list of some great/unique gifts for your guys and had so much fun doing it! Let's see what I picked out... 




1. Saxx Underwear- I've gotta be honest.. I don't quite understand this one, but my husband SWEARS by these underwear and will hardly wear anything else. So, I'll take his word that your guy would love them too! ;) 

2. Versace Cologne- I think cologne is always a great, romantic gift, and this one smells incredible! Bonus: He'll remember you every time he puts it on! 

3. Whiskey Stones- I recently discovered these and think they're so neat! You freeze them so he can put it in his drink and the drink won't get watered down. 

4. Never Have I Ever Game- This is a fun, unique add-on to a Valentine's Day gift and would be fun to play for a date night to get to know even more about each other! 

5. 100 Places to Go Before You Die Calendar- One of our favorite things to do together is travel (and talk about/daydream about the different places we'd like to go) so I thought this would be a fun way to plan trips together! 

6. The Rap Yearbook- So, this one might be for a specific type of man who really loves rap music, but the pictures are neat, and it's a cool-looking coffee table book. ;) 

7. Duffel Bag- I got my husband one of these for Valentine's Day last year and wasn't certain he would love it at the time, but he DID and has used it consistently all year.  It's something functional that they probably wouldn't buy themselves! 

8. Table Top Arcade Game- Okay, I think this is my favorite one! What guy wouldn't love this?? 

9. Vinyl Records- Vinyl's have made a comeback in recent years and make for a really fun gift.  Urban Outfitters has a great selection of classics and new music. 

10. Bose Headphones- My husband refuses to use any headphones but these.  If your guy goes to the gym often or likes to listen to music/podcasts while he works, these would be the perfect gift! 

11. Watch- A watch is the classic go-to Valentine's Day gift.. You can't go wrong with this, and I love the sleek black of this one! 

12. Adidas Sneakers- Classic black adidas look great on every man and would certainly make my husband smile when opened. :) 

13. Sherpa Pullover- If your man is anything like mine, he picks ONE favorite pullover and wears it every.day.all.winter. This is that pullover! 

14. Fit Bit Blaze- If he doesn't have a fit bit yet, splurge and get him this one! My husband loves to use the GPS on his when he golfs. 

15. Zenni Glasses- This company is so so great. You give them your prescription and can get a great pair of glasses for $10-20! We have 6 pair of these between the two of us, and they are all great quality!

16. Nike T-Shirt- Another classic go-to for any man. 

17. Jogger Sweatpants- So, I've gotten my hubs two pair of joggers, and he wears them all the time. Also important, I think he looks SO cute in them! :) 

18. Basic Hoodie- Not all hoodies are created equal.. This one is great quality and fits well. 

19. Swell Bottle- It's high-time our men have a travel cup that actually looks like it was created for a man so they don't have to feel embarrassed to carry it in public! Haha!

20. Beef Jerky Snack Box- This one makes me chuckle a little but is also 100% something I would buy for my husband because he isn't super into sweets.  It's a fun little "extra" to your gift package! 

21. Dumbbells- Spare yourself the trouble of having a huge "home gym corner" in your living room by buying him these that adjust for the weight he wants (and that can easily fit in the hall closet).  A gift for both of you, really! ;) 

22. Van's Sneakers- My second favorite on the list! Don't let them fool you.. Men love a new pair of shoes too! 

23. Record Player- If your man has been wanting record player, this one is the most affordable option I've seen, and I also like that it's easily movable. 

24. Polaroid Camera- This would be a fun gift if you have any trips coming up.  Something about those polaroid photos make for the neatest keepsakes!



I hope you enjoyed this post and found some great, stress-free ideas for your man this year!

Cody Rains