Holiday Party Outfit: Not-So-Basic Black Dress



I've been so excited to begin sharing some holiday party outfits with you all! Finding the perfect outfit and getting ready for a fancy outing is as enjoyable (if not more sometimes :\) as the actual party to me. Haha! And come on, how stinkin fun are these hot pink heels! Every time I put these on, I feel myself drawing back into 8th grade Jessica who insisted on wearing high heels to school everyday even though they caused me immense pain and brought about lots of sneering by people who just weren't ready for the amount of fab I was trying to bring. ;) 


It is so hard to go wrong with a black dress. It's classic. It's flattering. It's timeless. Black just never fails me. I am absolutely obsessed with the out-of-the-box details of this one.  The cold shoulder, the cutout at the neck, and the ruffles on the sleeves make it fun and exciting while remaining simple. Unlike a lot of holiday party dresses, this one is easy to wear.  You don't have to worry about tugging on it all night to make sure all your body parts are covered (praise hands!).  I also love that this is a dress that can be worn year-round.  I love a wild, full glitter, long-sleeve dress as much as the next girl, but we all know that's a purchase that can only be worn to a few events.  This one will take you all the way through summer! 


I hope this great holiday dress helps bring even MORE joy to your holiday season! You deserve it friends! 

Cody Rains