Blue Moto Coat + My Top Coat Picks


It finally (or should I say once again?) feels like true winter here in Oklahoma City.  My body can barely tolerate all of the weather changes we've been experiencing here! :/ Hence the constant stream of Coldbusters I've been inhaling from Starbucks. Haha! However, I can muster some sense of joy in welcoming the cold for one reason and one reason only.. Coats! Judging by my hall closet, I have a bit of an obsession with a good winter coat.  I despise being cold so every winter I am on the hunt for coats that keep my body happy while not making me feel like the younger brother from Christmas Story.  

2s (1).jpg

This one certainly holds up to all of my standards.  I snagged it during the Cyber Monday sale and am very happy to announce it is on sale again today for a great price (including free shipping!).  I purchased online (size XS for reference) and was very happy with the fit and quality when I received it.  I am obsessed with this color for winter and love that it's breaking me out of my comfort zone of gray, black, and tan. 


As promised, here are a few honorable mentions of other coats I'm loving currently! Several of these are also on sale right now. Happy shopping, and I hope you stay warm and cozy all winter! 


Cody Rains