Holiday Gift Guide for Him

It has arrived!!

Your go-to guide for all the men in your life- always the hardest ones on any Christmas list.  I had way more fun making this men's gift guide than I ever thought I would! My husband is so much fun to buy for because he is easy to please and has a lot of interests; however, I know all men are NOT that way so hopefully this gives you some ideas for even the pickiest of men on your list! 

I tried to give a variety of options so that this will help with gifts not just for your husband/boyfriend but also for your brothers and dads and in-laws.  Similar to the girl's gift guide, I also intentionally coordinated my picks so that you can easily make gift bundles with 2-3 items from this guide if you wanted to. 

My husband, Cody, wants you to know he fully approves of and endorses this gift guide. ;) I hope this helps bring more enjoyment to your holiday shopping! 



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1. Duffel Bag- Every man needs a nice duffel bag at some point, and I love the color combination of this one! 

2. Fossil Watch- I love to get men gifts that they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves.  I would put a nice watch in that category.  This one is great quality and will go with everything they own!

3. PopSocket- This is a great inexpensive gift (only $8!) to use as a stocking stuffer or if you need something small and unique for a friend or coworker. 

4.Foam Roller- A great idea if you have any fitness gurus in your life! We have one of these and use it weekly! 

5. Espresso Mug Set- I love the style of these espresso mugs! Great for the coffee fanatics! 

6. iPhone Case with Card Holder- I had never seen these before, but I think it's such a clever and practical idea! 

7. Bose Headphones- According to my husband, sound-cancelling headphones are an absolute necessity!

8. Puffer Vest- JCrew has the best-quality puffer vests in my opinion. This one comes in several colors!

9. Cole Haan Sneakers- These were on my husband's Christmas list last year, and he has worn them so much that there are literally holes in them, and he's requesting a new pair this year! 

10. Yeti Cooler- I don't know a single man who wouldn't put one of these to use! This is a great option for dads, grandpas, father-in-laws, etc. 

11. Wool Beanie- Great stocking stuffer idea!

12. Tech Gloves- Basic necessity if you live anywhere with cold winters! 

13. Jean Jacket- Jackets/hoodies/coats are always great Christmas gift options for men IMO.  I love the style and color of this Gap jean jacket! 

14. Drone- The first gift I ever got Cody when we were dating was a drone, and he was SO excited about it.  This is a great option if you just want a smaller one for fun! 

15. Cords- Something men don't often buy themselves= pants. ;) Investing in a good quality pair on their behalf is always appreciated! 

16. GoPro- This one is a splurge, but I think sometimes men prefer one REALLY AMAZING gift than a bunch of pretty good gifts.  This falls into the REALLY AMAZING category. 

17. Industrial Desk Lamp- Another unique gift option for under $20! 

18. Flannel Shirt- Another classic that any man will enjoy regardless of age or style! 

19. Nespresso Machine- This is like a Keurig for Espresso.  We have one, and it makes a wonderful espresso shot for a special weekend treat! 

20. Slipper - Slippers also fall into the category of things that men would really enjoy having but won't likely buy themselves. 

21. Bean Bag Toss Game- My favorite pick in this whole gift guide- it's so fun and you can pretty much guarantee they won't get two of these! ;)  We received one as a gift this summer and have used it a lot when we have friends over. 

22. Beard Grooming Kit- Confession: I'm a HUGE fan of beards (heart eyes). This is the perfect gift for the hipster in your life! 

23. Bottle Breacher- A unique bottle opener with a purpose- this company donates to nonprofits who support US Veterans with every purchase. 

24. Amazon Echo- This guy needs no description.  If you know someone who doesn't have one yet, THEY NEED ONE. 

Cody Rains