Holiday Gift Guide for Her

The holidays are heeeerrreee!!

I have a bit of a love/not-super-love relationship with the holidays I'm afraid to admit.  I love love love the family time, the beautiful lights/decorations, and buying/wrapping gifts for all of my favorite people.  But as an introvert, there is a piece of me that gets really really worn out with the constant get-togethers, overcrowded stores, added traffic (I live near a mall), and to-do lists that never seem to get checked off. I made this gift guide for all of you out there who are anything like me! I want the holidays to be fun and wonderful and stress-free for you so hopefully my gift guides will give you some easy, affordable gifts that you can purchase online in your pajamas so you can get on with all the fun parts of the holidays! I color-coordinated my picks so that you could put several together to make a cute gift bundle for your people as well!

All of the items below I either own, have already purchased for other people (don't look, mom!), or would love to receive as a gift. Hope you enjoy!! 


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1. Block Heel Booties- I own these in the taupe color, and they are so comfortable! A staple for any woman's closet! 

2. Tech Gloves - Everyone needs a pair of gloves they can keep on while looking at their phone.  These are sleek and stylish on top of being really warm. 

3. PomPom Beanie- Another basic winter staple.  I love the faux fur on this one! 

4. Cheese Board Set- We got one of these for our wedding and have used it a lot for entertaining! 

5. Present Over Perfect - One of my favorite books of the year! I feel like every woman can relate to Shauna's story. 

6. Sole Society Clutch- This one is really great quality for the price! 

7. Knit Cardigan- My favorite on the list! I want this one! 

8. Mixing Bowl Set- Another wedding gift that we have used way more than we thought we would. Plus they are super cute to display with! 

9. Cozy Scarf- You have probably seen this one in a few of my posts- I wear it all the time! 

10. Makeup Brush Set- I don't claim to be a makeup expert, but I do believe in a good quality brush set and would love to have this one!

11. Nail Polish Set- Bought 2 of these already as gifts and my husband had to talk me off the ledge from keeping one for myself.  Haha! The colors are PERFECTION. 

12. Volcano Candle- I know that people can be picky about scents sometimes, but I can promise you I've never met ANYONE who didn't absolutely love this scent.  It's foolproof! 

13. Minnetonka Slippers- How great is it to find the coziest pair of slippers that you can actually wear in public! ;) These are under $50. 

14. Duster Cardigan- I own this one, and it's crazy soft and flattering.

15. Magnolia Journal - Call me old school but I still love to get magazines in the mail and think it makes for a fun, unique gift.  I've only heard great things about this one! 

16. Classic Sweater- The perfect basic sweater. This pairs really well with some of the smaller gifts listed too if you wanted to do a little bundle. 

17.  Kate Spade Travel Mug- I am world's worst at breaking/losing/ruining travel mugs and am in constant need of new ones.  This may need to be a gift to myself this year! ;) 

18. Harney and Sons Tea- I have become totally obsessed with tea this year after realizing that coffee was making my stomach upset in the mornings.  I think it's such a fun gift! You could pair with a cute teapot like this too! 

19. Accent Pillow - I usually tread lightly with buying home decor for people unless I'm SURE it's something they want, but I make an exception with this adorable pillow because I feel like it would work in so many different spaces! 

20. Throw Blanket- This is so cozy, and I love the pattern! 

Cody Rains