The Best Basic Sweater


It's getting COLD in OKC this weekend!! Confession: I absolutely HATE the cold.  I hate shivering. I hate waiting for my car heater to heat up.  I generally hate leaving my house at all when it's cold.  Which is why a good sweater for the cooler days is so important to me! ;) I love to wear a sweater underneath my coat or jacket so that there is NO WAY I will be cold all day.  This one is just perfect for those days! It's not too bulky so it fits nicely under a coat or with a scarf, but it's also chunky and warm (none of that cute but transparent-like fabric that feels like you might as well be wearing nothing).  I have already worn this one soo many times this fall because it goes with ev.ry.thing! It comes in several other color options as well and is affordable.  

Don't walk, RUN to pick up this fall/winter staple today! 

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Cody Rains