5 Fun Facts About Me + Chenille Sweater

HI everybody! What better way to quickly get to know someone than to learn 5 totally random facts about them, right?! At least that’s what all of my old college professors used to think with those ridiculous icebreaker games the first week of class that made this introvert want to crawl into a small, dark room and hide forever.  Nevertheless, here I am- sharing 5 fun facts about myself with you all because I DO want you the person you are investing time into following just a little bit! ☺



1.  I grew up on a farm in the TINIEST Western Oklahoma town you could potentially ever imagine.  Population 446 total people (yes, I actually just fact checked this ;)).  My graduating class had 15 people in it just for a little perspective.  


2. I believe that my true calling was to be a famous hip-hop dancer.  Everything else I’ve accomplished up until now is just plan B.  Luckily for me (unluckily for my husband and next door neighbors), I make sure to embody this alter ego at least a few times a week. ;)   


3.  I have had long-standing digestive issues my entire life.  After a lifetime of GI specialists and tests and medication trials, I have recently decided to try and heal my body through diet.  Autoimmune Paleo Diet to be exact.  It’s been 2 months, and I know it’s working because I feel better than I ever imagined that I could.  There are also days when I literally cry driving past Qdoba because I miss chips and queso SO MUCH. Someday, someday, I will be back for you my loves! <3



4. I didn’t know I was going to get married until the day before my wedding.  WHAT?! Yes, it’s true.  Knowing that I am a person who despises a lot of planning, details, and huge parties (I had always dreamed of eloping), my sweet husband took me on a vacation to NYC last March with some friends, asked me to marry him at 10am on Monday then surprised me with all of our closest friends and family in Central Park on Monday at 3pm to tell me that we were getting married the next day! He, our families, and my best friend had worked tirelessly for months to plan our entire wedding, and I knew nothing about it! It was absolutely perfect. ☺ I will share our wedding video someday soon so you can see more deets!


5. I am a hardcore introvert with a touch more social awkwardness than I care to admit.  My ultimate happy place is at home in a quiet room with a good book and a cup of tea. I could write a book full of embarrassing moments that happen when I try super hard to engage in small talk or meet a lot of new people.


I realize none of that had ANYTHING to do with fashion, which is the real reason you’re here, so on to the fashion (clap, clap)!!!



This Chenille sweater is giving me liiiife during these cool fall days.  It is so soft that I have seriously considered wearing it to sleep at night.  Is there anything better than something so so cozy and comfy that ALSO looks expensive and put together? I think not! Especially when it’s under $60! Shop this sweater HERE It comes in several different colors as well.  I promise you won’t regret this purchase!

Cody Rains