Wear More Hats

Hat Pic 1.jpg

A few years ago, one of my dear friends held a goal-setting class to help us
accomplish the things we really wanted to have happen the next year. I can be a bit
of a perfectionist when it comes to goals and to-do lists if I’m not careful so I decided
to allow the experience to be fun and grace-extending toward myself. Number one
on my list of goals to accomplish that year: Wear. More. Hats. Haha! And that is one that I actually successfully checked off at the end of the year! ;) 

I used to admire hats from afar but couldn’t find a way to work them into my own
wardrobe for whatever reason. At some point I threw out all “fashion rules” or
inhibitions and now operate under the philosophy “If you like it, wear it!” There is
no such thing as not skinny enough, too old, not edgy enough, etc. No “I would love
to wear that, but I couldn’t pull it off.” Nope. You love it- you rock it! Those are the
only 2 steps.

Hat Pic 2.jpg

Currently, I have a few basic staple hats, including this affordable one that is perfect
to add a little something extra to your favorite fall outfits. Hoorah for hats to make
us feel fun and carefree! Bonus: You don’t even have to wash your hair that day. ;)

Outfit details linked below.

Hat:  https://goo.gl/kUUS4E

Jeans:  https://goo.gl/1A1JUw

Necklace:  https://goo.gl/94aoqr

Shoes:  https://goo.gl/H6PSsB

Cody Rains