Welcome to Mirror and Thread!



Welcome to my blog! I am so, so excited to start this new journey! So much so that I haven’t slept in about 3 weeks because all I’ve done is daydream about outfits. ;) To say that I’ve always been obsessed with clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry wouldn’t be the slightest exaggeration.

There is a home video of me as a 2 year old in which I am running around with a bathing suit over my clothes crying my eyes out because mom said I had to stop looking at the "kinis" in the catalog and go to bed.

When I was old enough to have my own room and closet, I used to spend hours color-coordinating it and then would write on a piece of paper my outfit ideas for the entire week and tape it to my closet door. (I also learned at this age that it is spelled “drawstring” not “jawstring”- thank God for older sisters ;)). 


I wore high heels almost every day in high school and had a VERY rude awakening when I realized on my first day of college that I would have to walk 3-4 miles every day on Oklahoma State University’s campus to make it to all of my classes.  The ‘daily high heel ritual’ didn’t survive college, if you were wondering.

I still label getting ready/getting dressed as one of my favorite parts of the day.  I don’t consider myself a creative person in the normal venues one would think of when they hear the word “creative”- can NOT draw even your most basic animal (I married an artist- go figure), can’t sing, write music, or play instruments, can’t write poetry.  But I DO enjoy expressing myself through clothing and style.  I work at a job that requires I walk 4-5 miles per day; therefore, my current style is functional and affordable.  I certainly do not claim to be a high fashion expert, but I will promise to fill my feed with fun, practical pieces and LOTS of sales! :) 



I am so excited to share my style with all of you and hope that you find this blog authentic and inspiring!



Cody Rains