9 Most Comfortable Shoes for Spring/Summer Vacations

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Today’s post is another one that I’ve had in my head for a long time, but it took some serious research and energy devoted to making it actually happen. I am visiting Amsterdam and Paris in a few weeks and have been stressing for months about cute shoe options that won’t hurt my feet when I’m walking the entire day. I figured I can’t be the only one worried about this so I made this comprehensive review of lots of great options!

I am so aversive to just wearing my Adidas sneakers (or worse-looking Orthopedic shoes) everywhere when I’m on vacay even though I know it’s practical- but come on, I also have some fun outfits planned that I don’t want to have to wear sneakers and socks with! I tried out 9 different options for this post- all in the $40-$150 range and ALL very comfortable for daily life. The purpose of this post was to grade their comfortability with the intention of walking 10+ miles in them in one sitting; therefore, even if a shoe on my review got a B or C grade- they still don’t hurt my feet just to wear to work etc. if that makes sense.

I hope you all find this helpful! I linked a video at the bottom as well so you can take a closer look/see what they look like on!


6. White Slip-On’s - COMFORT GRADE= C


These are soo cute but came in 6th place because I truly expected them to be a lot more comfortable than they were. The biggest problem is that the back is pretty stiff so I worried they would cause some blisters with extended wear time. I think the style is super cute though if you’re just looking for something to wear for daily life! I had my normal size 6.5 in these, and I think the sizing was right.

5. Leopard Sandals- COMFORT GRADE= B+


Breaking my own heart with this grade because these are some of my FAVORITE daily sandals that I’ve had for months, and they’ve always been ultra comfy to wear to work, the zoo, walk my dog, etc. The reason these didn’t get an A though is that the bottom is not very padded. The straps are elastic so those are really comfortable, and I’m not super worried about blisters from those. I feel like when the bottoms aren’t padded though the heels of my feet will really start hurting with extended walking. I will probably pack these for my trip anyways and wear them for parts of the day since I love them so much! :) I have my normal size 6.5 in these.

4. Cork Bottom Sandals- COMFORT GRADE=A-


These are A+ on cuteness factor but A- on comfort- they’re good, but we can do better. The thing that put these closer to the top was the extra padding all the way around on the bottom. The cork is really comfortable and thick so it’s automatically a lot softer for extended walking than some others in the review. The only draw back is the zipper on the back and the straps near the ankle- both were a little rigid/tight to me which might indicate potential blisters. If you have wide feet, I would definitely steer clear of these since the straps felt pretty tight. I had my normal size 6.5 in these.

3. Brown and Metallic Sandal- COMFORT GRADE=A-


These tied with the cork sandals and had similar pros and cons. I LOVE the extra cushion on the heel of these and the padding on the back strap- makes a huge difference! Problem again with these is the strap- especially the one near the toes- is pretty tough and tight. I’m considering packing this pair for the trip anyways because they’re so comfortable on the heel! If you are on your feet a lot at work, these would be a great option to alleviate some of the weight/pain on your heels. Wearing 6.5 in these as well.

2. Blush Diamond Sandals- COMFORT GRADE-A


I was absolutely shocked by the comfort of this pair! These won the sandal game by a long shot, and the best part- they’re only $59! The biggest difference with these was that the material on the straps is very soft and malleable. There’s extra padding all around the bottom and the material on the bottom feels almost like a super soft suede- it’s truly amazing! I think these are a cute option if you want something other than sneakers or close-toed shoes for a vacation, and I’ll definitely be bringing these on my trip! They come in a few other color options as well! These are true to size.

  1. Leather Sneakers- COMFORT GRADE= A++


Aaaaaand a little drumroll moment for the all time best of the best!! Guys, I can nearly promise you that you’ve never tried on a more comfortable pair of shoes- most certainly not for this price point! These are the priciest of the bunch at $149, but goodness, they are worth every penny. I have had mine since December and will truly choose them over my gym sneakers to walk my dog etc because they are THAT good. They come in every color under the sun, run true to size, and I think they’re adorable with skirts and dresses too! They are leather all the way around so the back and sides are super soft and easy on your feet. They are also double lined on the soles and the bottoms have these cushy bubbles that absorb the blow of a hard surface when you walk. I could honestly write a full blog post just on these, but I will leave you with the final note that if you only try out ONE PAIR from this whole post- please make it these!


Here’s a bonus 3 dressy options if you wanted something to wear out to a nice dinner etc.- none of them are stilettos because those are just uncomfortable no matter what haha! These are in no particular order and did not get graded on the same sale but are all comfy and great options!


This is a VERY impressive shoe for the $39 price! They are vegan leather and the bottoms are so cushy/comfy! The straps are soft and easy to manipulate, and the platform wedge makes them more comfortable than a normal wedge. I have my normal size 6.5 in these.


I have had the cognac color in these for a long time, and they have never given me any trouble! While I wouldn’t probably walk more than a mile or so in these because they are a true wedge, they’ll give you more bang for your comfort buck than a lot of other wedges will! The leather is really soft and there’s extra padding at the bottom.


This brand is known for their super comfortable shoes, and they actually design them with the orthopedic patient in mind which benefits us all! I have heard from several of my teacher friends that this is the only brand they will wear-especially of wedges- since they walk so much at work! These are a little pricier than the others, but they are worth it for the comfort and quality!

Check out the video below to see them all on my feet and look a little closer!


***Note: I do make a small commission if you click on one of my links to purchase. As always, all opinions are my own.

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