How to Tie a Bandana: Step-by-Step Tutorial + 3 Ways to Style


Good morning friends!

I'm still trying to decide which outfit to wear tomorrow for the 4th of July. This outfit is definitely in the running, but I'm wondering if BBQ + an all white top is the best idea for me given my history :/.

  I am so obsessed with how cute this top looks with basically every pair of jeans or shorts I own, but I think the real outfit-maker here is the bandana.  It gives me a 50's vibe which you all know is my jam! 

In today's post, I've given you 3 different ways to wear this $5 bandana to polish any outfit and given a step-by-step tutorial for how to tie them around your neck so it looks put-together. I would love to hear which way is your fave or if you're into this trend! 


Look 1: I think this is my favorite way to wear this bandana with this particular outfit! Maybe just because I was so pleased with myself for actually getting my hair into a messy bun (like reeeaal messy with a couple of black bobby pins holding it in place, see the side view a few pics down haha). I'm NOT a hair person ya'll so when I fix my hair in a different way other than down and curled, I always surprise myself! (I even posted a rough "tutorial" of how I fixed my hair like this on IGTV this morning for the other hair-challenged folks like myself out there!). The bandana really pulled the whole look together, and since it is cute pineapples/neutral colors, you could totally wear this with a zillion different color-combos! 


Look 2: I haven't actually worn a bandana tied in this way yet, but I've seen other girls do it and always think it's cute when I see it! I tend to double wrap mine so it's shorter like I did in the next look, but this creates a more sophisticated/preppy look that I'm digging too! This particular style would be adorable with a cute sweater and some slacks for a work look! 


Look 3: My go-to way to style a bandana! I double wrap it around my neck so that the ends are shorter and try to make it as narrow as I can around my neck.  Warning: This is the least comfortable way to wear it IMO- it has to be fairly tight so that the ends are long enough to tie so if you are a "can't stand anything on my neck" type of person, you might prefer to leave the ends longer so it can be a bit looser. Keep reading for a step-by-step look at exactly how I tied it if this all sounds confusing (I made the salesperson show me the first time I tried one on in store!). 



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