Patriotic Outfits You Can Wear All Year

"I already won the lottery. I was born in the U-S of -A, baby."- Creed Bratton

Fourth of July is one of the most nostalgic holidays to me.  I grew up in a teeny tiny farm town in Western Oklahoma and every year we would travel to another teeny tiny farm town my grandparents lived in to spend the entire holiday at the baseball park with the whole town in attendance (couple hundred people). There was always sand volleyball, three-legged gunny sack races, turtle races (as in we literally picked up a turtle on the side of the road on the way, painted it's back with nail polish so we would know which one was ours, and put it in a shoot next to 10 other turtles to race), raw egg tosses, the local firemen spraying the whole congregation down with water every few minutes, and if you were real lucky, you might be picked to wrestle an actual greased pig to retrieve a dollar off it's back. 

I can't make this stuff up, people. My husband didn't believe it until he saw it last year and was tasked with painting the back of my nephew's snapping turtle himself. ;) You know what else I always remember about the 4th? Planning my outfit for months in advance. Haha- no surprise there! That was a bit of a theme of my childhood/entire life. 

My philosophy was always to look patriotic without going overboard.  I'm pretty anti-buying something super holiday-themed that I know I won't wear outside of that one specific holiday.  So, I have rounded up all of my favorite red, white, and blue items you can mix and match or get inspiration from for your own easy holiday look! I methodically chose items you will definitely get your wear out of holiday or not- all are under $100 and most are in the $20-30 range! 

Let me know which ones are your faves and your own 4th of July traditions! :) 


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