5 Unique Date Night Ideas + What to Wear for Each One

Who's tired of Valentine's posts from me?? Sorry not sorry. Hehe.

I have been thinking hard this week about what the hubs and I could do for our first married Valentine's Day and literally made a list of options so I thought I would share that list with you all! I wanted to steer clear of going out to eat/going to a movie because a) I wanted something more unique to create longer-lasting memories and b) neither one of us like waiting a long time or like to be surrounding by tons of people for a romantic evening. Then, the most fun part, I came up with an outfit idea I would wear to each of the different dates so you don't have to worry about what's appropriate to wear for each thing! 


1. Bowling Night- Valentine's Day 2 years ago was the 3rd time we had ever even seen each other so we wanted to hang out but didn't want to do something super romantic since we were just getting to know each other.  We chose to grab a quick bite at a favorite local Mediterranean dive (NuNu's) and then head to an old, slightly trashy bowling alley.  It turned out to be the PERFECT date, and we had a blast! Plus it's nice on the budget. We're thinking of revisiting this year! This casual/comfy outfit would be perfect for this low-key date idea! 


2. Day Date- Who says you have to celebrate Valentine's Day on the actual day? Pick a day this weekend and make it a day date with brunch (OKC local faves- Aurora, Neighborhood Jam, Hatch), local shopping, and maybe catch a matinee.  When we're both off in the summers, day dates are our absolute favorites! They feel so carefree and special.  And a mini skirt with OTK boots is the perfect way to feel cute/dressed up while staying comfy! 


3. Appetizers + Drinks + Desserts Around Town- I am also quite keen on the idea of going to a few different places around the city for drinks/appetizers and then desserts.  It would cut out the lengthy wait times at restaurants if you sit at the bar and make for a longer evening to explore together. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, pick one or the other and eat dinner at home. A few ideas for OKC locals with good appetizers/drinks are Jones Assembly, Ambassador Hotel, Red Rock Canyon & Grill, and Fassler Hall. My dessert choices would be The Melting Pot, Cheevers, and La Baguette


4. Board Games + Pizza- My personal fave and the one we are leaning toward this year.  We both enjoy playing board games, but it isn't something we ever really do by ourselves.  We are introverts and homebodies (need I say more than SWEATPANTS?!) so we are always into the idea of staying home-especially knowing how crazy it will be downtown-but I still want to create a unique experience that isn't just the "watch netflix on the couch" rut we tend to get in.  A few fun board game choices for 2 are: Ticket To Ride, Codenames Duet, and Scattergories


5. Local Art Crawl- Of course this one had to grace my list since my husband is a professional artist. :) One of our favorite things to do when we travel is check out the best art galleries, but we don't do it at home as often for some reason.  It's the perfect unique date idea- grab some coffee at a local coffee shop (Cuppies and Jo or Elemental are some great local OKC options) and check out some of the talent in your city.  Paseo Arts District has some of our favorite local galleries in OKC, but the OKC Museum of Art is also a fun option + they are playing Oscar-nominated documentary films during the month of February! PS- Why is it that I feel so much more artsy when I wear a hat?! ;) 

I hope you all gleaned a few new ideas for Valentine's dates (or any date night if you're not into Valentine's), and I hope you all have the BEST time celebrating your loved ones! 

Cody Rains