Game-Changing Blow Dryer: My End-All Fix to Out of Control Frizz

GUYS. I am so incredibly excited to share this product with you all.  Those who know me well know that I tend to always add a bit of drama and over-exaggeration to everything I say, but hear me out when I tell you, this product and new routine LITERALLY just changed my life. 

I stumbled across Le Angelique's site online and saw that they had a blow dryer that was also a brush.  I immediately wanted to try it because I've always wanted to dry my hair like my hairdresser does with a round brush, and it's never worked out for me. Every time she does it, it's sleek and smooth and requires only minimal styling with a straightener or curling iron.  I've long-yearned for the ability to blow dry my hair straight out of the shower and be ready for the day like most "normal" women do. 

But lo and behold.. I was blessed (cursed) with the hair texture of a wild lion.  Absolutely nothing can be done for it- I've tried all the vitamins, all the products, all the $200 shampoos- and at the end of the day, even when it's healthy, after a blow dry it looks like I've stuck a fork into an electrical socket. I had learned to accept it and just dealt with the reality that my hair will either be in a not-that-cute-actually-too-messy bun or I will spend one+ hour on it to fix it following a shower. 


You can watch the video below for my normal routine vs. my routine using the Brush N' Blo. My normal routine would be to blow dry then pull my hair into layers and straighten or curl piece by piece- the entire process takes about 45 minutes.  I don't straighten my hair this way very often because of the excess heat damage and also straightening piece by piece with a straightener makes it lose all volume and body and feel a bit bleh. But I have never, I repeat NE.VER., left my house with my hair down straight after blow drying. 


With the Brush N' Blo, I was able to cut my style time in half PLUS cut my heat damage in half as well. It took me 25 minutes to blow dry my hair using the Brush N' Blo, and I can assure you that if your hair isn't super thick frizzy like mine- you could have this sleek hair in about 5 minutes.  Not only did it completely eradicate my frizz, but it also allowed for more volume than when I straighten with a straightener and created a more natural look that I just can't get enough of! I haven't curled my hair or put it in a bun since I bought this- I'm so proud of my new, normal hair! ;) 

Check out the video below for a full step-by-step tutorial on how I used it and for even more proof of how incredible this product is.  Please email if you have any questions because I am really excited to talk about this product! 

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Cody Rains