Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019: Tips and Tricks

July is one of every fashion blogger’s most anticipated months as far as sales go because Nordstrom always has their annual anniversary sale in mid-July! The reason we all get so excited about it is because it is NEW FALL ARRIVALS at a discounted price for a few weeks before they go back to regular price for the rest of the season!

It’s easy to go a little crazy during this sale (especially with all of the hype!) so I’m writing this post to hopefully help you shop smart at the sale this year without blowing your budget. To me, this sale is the best time to stock up on fall/winter basics that I know I’ll wear a lot and get my money’s worth out of. I went back through the archives (hello short hairs and weird photo edits- haha) to share my top purchases from last year that I wore all the way through February-March and a few of them am still wearing this summer!

It truly is such a fun sale if you do it right! I’ll also show you a few things I have my eye on for this year’s sale! So without further ado, here’s last year’s top picks!

A Good Basic Cardigan


I cannot begin to count how many times I wore this cardigan (similar one here) over the past year! I snagged it at the Nordstrom sale last year for 30-something dollars and wore it at least once a week through the fall and actually still wear it pretty frequently to work when it’s chilly in my office! Pick a neutral color you wear frequently and snag yourself one this year.

Here’s a few I have my eye on for this year. You can shop all 3 during the Nordstrom sale which starts on July 12th for Nordstrom card holders and July 19th if you don’t have the card!

A Pair of Classic Sneakers


This is one of the things I still wear every single week! They’re multi-seasonal and always go with everything. These come in tons of colors (I have the pink too) and are crazy comfy. They’ll be going on sale for the Nordstrom sale, but you can also shop them here now if you want to jump the gun!

Here’s a few sneakers from the sale I have my eye on this year!

A Super Cozy Pullover


Outside of the Adidas sneakers, this one definitely got the most wear! If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I had this pullover on in every.single instagram story I posted for about 8 months straight. Haha! It was a bit of a splurge but was well worth it, and I can’t wait to break it out again. Bonus: this exact one is already on sale for 35% off if you want to snag it!

Here’s a few similar ones I’m excited about this year!

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings


The first year I wanted these Spanx leggings, I made the mistake of letting them pass by in the Nordstrom sale thinking surely they’d be on even better sale for Black Friday, etc. Let me tell you something- I waited the ENTIRE year that year for them to be on better sale, and it never happened. Last year, I wised up and snagged them immediately on the first day of the Nordstrom sale and haven’t regretted it since. If you’ve been wanting these, the Nordstrom sale is the time to snag them! They also come in a non-moto version too!

Side note: I also bought my first pair of plain black Zella leggings during the Nordstrom sale and have worn those weekly for two years straight, and they’re still great! It’s a great time to snag workout leggings as well.

A few on my wish list this year:

All the Fall Shoes


This is the hardest area to narrow down for me! I loaded up on fall booties, boots, and slides last year and honestly wore them all so much that I didn’t regret it, but I don’t need to go quite so crazy this year. Haha- I would recommend taking inventory of your closet before hand and figuring out what shoes you really need and then sticking to that. Is it a great pair of neutral tan booties? Some over the knee boots? A comfortable pair of flats for work? I’ll be looking for a pair of basic brown booties this year and have seen lots of great ones already!

Here’s a few I’m lusting over:

I had quite a few other purchases that I loved last year, but those were the biggies that stayed at the front of my closet for the entire year! I know this sale can get a bit overwhelming, but there are some really great deals if you play your cards right! I’ll be sharing all the best with you here, on instagram, and on the app, but here’s a few other quick tips to help:

  1. Make a list of needs/a budget BEFORE you get on to shop! (And stick to it ;)- speaking to the choir here haha)

  2. Stick to the basics. It’s a great time to load up on outerwear, booties, handbags, sunglasses, etc.

  3. Get the credit card to shop early. I have the card ONLY for this sale then never use it throughout the year. It gets you in to the sale (online too) a full week before everyone else when selection is the best.

  4. Act quickly! If you see something you want, hop on it. There is an incredible amount of hype around this sale which means stock goes out almost instantly on some things. I’ll keep an eye on restocks for you, but your best bet is to grab what you want in the first few days!

  5. Have fun! Don’t let yourself get stressed out by the stock, the inevitable site crash that happens the first day every year, or all of the bloggers talking about it for weeks on end. Get what you love and do what works for you to be able to enjoy the browsing!


***Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through one of my links, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own.

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