Broken Bow Weekend Getaway


We had the sweetest little getaway last weekend at Broken Bow, and I thought I would roundup a bit of our experience and show you some more of this AMAZING cabin today!

Broken Bow is the perfect little spot to see some gorgeous landscape and just relax for a few days, and this cabin far exceeded our expectations in every way! I honestly felt like I was on a second honeymoon it was so quaint and romantic and cozy! :)


I could just die over all of the natural light in this place! It was just built in the past year so everything is so new and beautiful, and I legitimately wish my house looked exactly like this! It’s located very close to town and several beautiful hiking spots so we took full advantage and went on two small hikes while we were there.

We mainly took it really easy for the full weekend and did lots of napping and laying around at the cabin, but we did venture into town for some great pizza and wine tasting- both of which I would recommend if you make a trip down there.


Probably the most luxurious bedroom I’ve ever stayed in! I learned something new about myself on this trip- I really like our queen sized bed. This bed was so lovely and spacious that I found it super hard for me to put my freezing cold feet on Cody all night long (related: Cody loves king sized beds ;)).

And can we talk about the crowning jewel of the cabin for just a minute?? THIS BATHROOM. The shower is basically the size of my whole bedroom, and also there was a towel warmer in there that might have changed my life. I’ve already looked up how much those bad boys are on Amazon, and they aren’t exactly cheap haha still trying to decide if it’s worth it. ;)


Cody’s favorite part of the cabin was far and away the deck. It’s the most beautiful view, and there’s a fireplace + hot tub combo that is a complete dream.

We so thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Caroline Cabin and highly recommend it if you want a little weekend getaway yourself! You can click the video below for a more thorough walk-through of the whole cabin!

**This post was sponsored by The Caroline Cabin. All opinions are my own.

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