Top 5 Unique Cardigans for Fall

I basically live for fall and give zero flips if it’s cliche.

Maybe the very best part of fall: CARDIGANS. Let’s be real I’ve been wearing them inside since July- thank you AC- but NOW I can wear them loud and proud walking to my car too! ;) Cardigans complete any and every outfit, and I’ve never regretted a single cardigan purchase!

This year, I’ve been drawn to cardigans that I will still get tons of wear-time out of but that have a little unique flare. Lord knows I love my basic gray, cream, and olive cardigans as much as the next girl, but sometimes it’s nice to wear something that everyone else isn’t also wearing.

Thus, I bring you my mini round-up of my top 5 unique cardigans for fall (plus a few honorable mentions)! They are mostly still neutral so that you can get tons of outfit combos out of them, but I promise they’ll warrant lots of compliments!

I’d love to hear which one is your favorite!


This one is probably my favorite of the bunch (although I’ll say that at least 3 more times before this is all said and done ;)). It keeps going in and out of stock because it’s so popular so I linked a few similar ones as well! It’s super soft and cozy too!


I call this one my show-stopper. Haha. I found the colors so unique and interesting together and love that you can wear this with basically any other neutral colors and totally change up the look! I’ve worn it a few times and got lots of compliments!


This camel color is my JAM right now! The thing that makes this one unique to me is the way it can double as a jacket or coat. The fit is so cute on, and it also comes in lots of other pretty colors!


This one is also my favorite (I told you I would say that again). ;) But seriously it’s comfy and super warm, and I love the sporty look! I’ve dressed this one up with heeled booties and a simple dress too.


This is probably the most basic of all the cardis in this post but also the absolute coziest! The way that the sleeves are made and the length do give it a bit more intrigue to me than your average cardi. It also comes in a few other fun colors as well (like pink and a gorgeous dark green). I’ve worn this around the house literally daily since I bought it. Bottom line: You.Need.It.


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