Fall Transition Outfits with Lush Fashion Lounge



Hello friends!

I was long overdue for an outfit round-up at my favorite local boutique, Lush Fashion Lounge, and I absolutely couldn't pass up all the cute new fall things they've been getting in! 

I love this time of year, but it does cause some confusion on what to wear.  The weather is still warm, but I'm tired of my same 'ol shorts and sandals and ready to break out some new fall items! If you get pumped about fall outfits, you may be in this boat as well. So, I've rounded up 3 different outfits that give off all the fall vibes while still being summer-weather appropriate! 

If you're local to Oklahoma and haven't yet been into Lush (or haven't been in a while), you need to make a special trip! They've been hard at work updating the store, and it looks SO great.  They always make shopping such a fun, comfortable experience, and I love their price point! They also have all of their products listed online so you can check out their website here if you aren't an OKC local! 


This jumpsuit gives me so much life right now! I love the color for fall, but it's lightweight enough to wear this summer. Throw a cute cardigan on in a few months, and you've got a super cute outfit that's appropriate for work, brunch, date nights, or any other fall events!  



This top is so so soft! I love mixing long sleeves with a denim skirt for the in-between season, and I've decided that a good hat instantly polishes any outfit.  I'm wearing size S in the top and skirt for sizing reference! 



I'm already so pumped about aaalll the cami/cardigan combos! This exact cami and cardigan will be available on Lush's website in the next few days so this is a little sneak peek- they have tons of other cute color combos coming up too! I also linked a similar cami and cardigan above so you can shop now if you want to. I sized down two sizes in the shoes- they are really comfy and remind me of the much more expensive Free People look-alikes! :) 


Special treat for staying to the end: You can click here to enter a giveaway for a $250 gift card to Lush to bulk up your own fall transition wardrobe!! 

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