3 Ways to Style a Bodysuit + Pushing Out of Your Comfort Zone


Let me get a bit personal today and tell you that this week has been ALL about pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Trying new things. Doing things that scare me. Making the conscious decision to move forward with things that bring me nervous excitement even though I reaaallyyy like my comfort zone. 

I am starting private practice this week as a Speech-Language Pathologist, and it's very different from working in the schools and all new and scary and fun and all the things. It's a dream I've had since I started graduate school. I tend to be a bit hesitant to change, but I have seen time and again the wonderful returns of taking risks and changing something in my life that I wish were different even though it's difficult.  I firmly believe in the power of stepping out and trying something new when life starts to feel mundane.  Life's truly too short to spend it afraid and uninspired! 

So, what the heck does this have to do with fashion and styling bodysuits? I mean, maybe nothing, maybe it's just a point I wanted to make ;) BUT I will say that I was suuuper hesitant to jump on the bodysuit trend train for a long time.  Snap myself into a onesie I haven't seen the likes of since newborn-hood and make it harder than it already is to go to the bathroom?? Nooo, thank you. 

But alas, I have come around. And let me tell you the trick- it has to be the RIGHT bodysuit.  Can't be super tight or super short for me or else I just feel uncomfortable all day. Bodysuits provide that perfectly sleek, tucked-in look like no top could ever do, and when you find the right one, you will be fully on board too! 

This one is my absolute favorite, and I've given you 3 ideas on how to style it so that you too can branch out of your comfort zone and try one out!  


I think this was my favorite styling out of the three! If you've followed me for very long, you know that I have been in love with this black skirt for a long time (it's on sale right now too!).  This one is fairly limited on sizes so I linked another casual black skirt as well.  This look is perfect for a summer concert or casual date night evening! 


Guys... These jeans are absolutely killer.  A pair of jeans that make your butt look good are basically priceless IMO, and the fact that these are under $100 make them a complete necessity. This bodysuit allows the jeans to be the star of the show, and I'm loving them together! 

Also, can we talk about these wedges?! Heart eyes for days.  Marc Fisher really knows what he's doing.  These are super comfortable because of the platform and also come in lots of other colors. 


And finally, you can even wear a bodysuit to work! Bodysuits and paper bag waist pants are the perfect combo.  I love, love these pants but have found that a lot of tops I try on with them don't look quite right.  They really look best with something snug and tailored so I was really excited when I found this bodysuit to pair with them! Throw on a lightweight cardi, and you are work-appropriate! :) 

Thanks for reading! You can shop everything in this post below: 

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