Must-Have Activewear with Lush Fashion Lounge

Congratulations on making it to a week of Spring-ish weather to my Oklahoma friends! :) 

After all that ice and cold, I am very much in need of a boost of motivation to get this booty into the gym every day before Spring Break, and I've discovered the only thing that really works... New activewear outfits. ;) 


One of my favorite local boutiques, Lush Fashion Lounge, has come out with their own activewear line and, friends, it is ev.ry.thing. I can't wait to share what I picked out! 

It is such a rare thing to find active wear that is both affordable and great quality, and this line is both + more!  All of these tops are just too much fun (not to mention super soft), and they are exclusive to Lush.  I tried on every single pair of leggings in the store partly because I couldn't decide which ones I liked best but also so I could give you some great info regarding sizing/fit if you are ordering online so keep reading for that info as well! 


This 'hustle' top was an easy pick (I'm wearing size small for reference) because I love the shape and how it can easily be tied up. The sports bra I'm wearing (also size small) is also part of their collection and comes in so many fun colors! I love how the high neck of the bra looks with these tanks. I have a hard time picking favorites but these leggings are way up there.  They fit really well and look so expensive that you would never believe they are under $30! They also come in a pretty mauve color and a lavender. I went with a size small in these as well. 


How much fun is this top! I had a hard time picking between this one and "will cardio for tacos" because what could be more true?? but I really like the style/color of this one. It's so cute with the peek of the bra! I just snagged these Nike's for a heck of a deal (under $70), and I love how they look with black leggings! 

I'm wearing the high-waisted leggings here, and I tend to prefer high-waisted leggings personally because they make me feel secure/more comfortable. These also come in a mauve and teal color if you like more variety in color in your leggings than I typically do. ;) If you prefer more of a mid-waist, these are very similar to what I'm wearing and these are mid-waist as well in a CRAZY soft material. They also have lots of color options in a soft ankle length legging. I tried on smalls and mediums in each style and preferred the way the smalls fit in every style! 

Do your body a favor and check out this activewear line ASAP! 

Shop the collection below: 

Cody Rains