Comfy Cozies + Top 5 Book Picks of 2017

Cardigan// Cami// Leggings// Slippers// Necklace

It's the week before Christmas and all through the house... Nothing was quiet, not even the mouse. ;)

I truly love the holiday hubbub and partying and fun.  However, as an introvert, I always find this week and it's umm... lack of quiet... difficult to keep up with.  So many parties, so many get-togethers, so much shopping and wrapping. I find myself desperately wanting to cozy up at home in my sweats alone with a good book.  So, why can't we?!

I'm hanging out in my comfiest outfit with my favorite books today, and I also give YOU permission for some well-deserved self-care during this busy season! 


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This cardigan is my go-to "snuggle up at home" piece right now.  It couldn't be any softer, and it's warmer than most of my other cardigans. WIN-WIN.  I'm in love with pairing a cozy cardi with a sweet lace top like this one. The leggings I'm wearing are called "live-in leggings," and they are living up to their name because I rarely take them off! ;) My slippers are super comfy and bring me extra joy because my Australian Shephard thinks they are actual rodents and LOVES to run off with them every time he has momentary access to them (see the pic below for proof of the bribery that had to occur so he didn't chew them incessantly-haha!)


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Now for the best part! The BOOOKS!! My favorite past-time! :) I will go quickly through descriptions of these, but you should certainly give them all a read! 

1. The Broken Way- Ann Voskamp.  If you read only ONE book next year, let it be this one! Ann Voskamp broke my heart to pieces then put it back together with elegance and grace.  Such a poignant portrayal of what it means to live and love fully. 

2. Rising Strong- Brene Brown. I'll spare you the gory details, but this book truly changed my life.  Brene Brown is the QUEEN on research about shame, empathy, and vulnerability. 

3. The Goldfinch- Donna Tartt. I know this one is huge, but it truly is worth the read! I did a combination of reading the hardcover + listening to it on audiobook and was able to finish it within a week and a half! It's that good! 

4. A Thousand Splendid Suns-Khaled Hosseini. This one is quite tragic, but it completely drew me in.  It's nice to read a book about a different culture than your own every once in a while too. 

5. The Nightingale- Kristin Hannah. I read this one this summer and really enjoyed it.  I've read lots of books since then and still remember/think about this one which is how I know I've really loved a book! 


I hope all my homebody soul sisters out there are able to find some downtime for a little reading or a bubble bath this week! YOU are worth carving out time for!

Have a beautiful week, friends! 

Cody Rains