I currently live in Oklahoma City with my sweet husband and wild Australian Shepherd, Tucker. I am a Speech-Language Pathologist at a private practice by day, a shopper by evening, and asleep by night (at 9pm on the dot ;)). 

A love for style and fashion runs in my family and has been in my bones since before I could talk. As evidenced by my great great grandmother still insisting on wearing high heels everyday until the day she passed away at 89. Most photos of me from early childhood depicted me situated in the center of a huge pile of "outfits" I'd put together and couldn't wait to wear the next week. 

I believe it's part of our purpose from our Creator to love and enjoy what we've been given-that includes our bodies!! My purpose for this blog is to encourage and inspire women to love and enjoy expressing their personalities through style. This blog is not high fashion-it is designed for the everyday woman who wants to find affordable pieces that make getting dressed in the morning fun! 



This is my husband Cody - he's the man behind the blog!  He does all of the photography and design associated with Mirror & Thread and is truly my partner in all aspects. By day, Cody has his hand in multiple creative fields as an artist/designer. He owns his own creative agency called Nice Studio in downtown Oklahoma City where he works with clients on branding, web development, social media, and graphic design. Cody is also a talented artist! His paintings have been displayed by galleries and private collectors across the US.